Why LBL?

Live Below the Line is living on AUD$2 per day, for 5 days for all food and drinks (apart from water). It raises money and awareness about extreme poverty. All money raised goes towards educational projects in the Asia-Pacific.
The other day I got a lovely phone call from a Live Below the Line Volunteer thanking me for signing up. One of the first questions they asked me was why I had signed up. Apparently the answer ‘oh I do it every year’ doesn’t cut it. Live Below the Line has become such a yearly even for me that signing up takes very little thought, there’s no option of me NOT doing the challenge.
I do the challenge because I believe so much in the right for children to receive an education. An education counts for so much and can give so many more chances to children living in impoverished situations. However, education is not a simple thing. It takes resources, teachers, willing children (and parents), food to get them through the school day, appropriate clothing, appropriate buildings, access to water and probably a lot more things which I take so much for granted that I don’t consider. I do the challenge because it’s my little way to express my gratitude for a life free of poverty and access to an amazing education which was never threatened due to my socio-economic background, gender or religion. But, most importantly I do the challenge because through educating people about extreme poverty and raising money to ameliorate it.

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