So tomorrow morning (I started on Sunday and wrote this on Saturday oops!) I’m starting Live Below the Line, where I live in AUD $2 per day for five days to raise money for and awareness about extreme poverty. It’s such an important cause that’s so close to my heart, I was fortunate enough to be born in a country where my gender or skin colour don’t matter and to have parents had the means to support and encourage my education. The harsh reality is that my story is the story of a minority.

A lack of of education or literacy affects so many. Being literate or having an education lowers maternal and infant mortality rates, it means women get married later and have fewer children, it raises their average income by a significant amount, it gets them into better paid jobs all of which directly impacts their children as well. This is a positive cycle, however, many impoverished children lack the resources to enter it via education. How can you attend school without a uniform? Without trained teachers? Without books? Without weather-proof classrooms? Without breakfast or lunch?

This is where the money I raise goes, into building the foundations necessary for children to receive the education they deserve which will positively impact their whole lives.

Here’s a photo of the food I’ll be living off for the next five days – it’s actually quite a bit and more nutritious than I can usually afford because I’m doing it with a team. Still, it’s definitely not a balanced diet and I guarantee by day 3 I will be so sick of carbs that I’ll no longer be hungry, that’s when things become scary and really make me realise how privileged I am.
lbl food

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