About Me

I am in my third and final year of a Bachelor of Arts majoring in History and French. Next year I hope to do a double Honours year in History (thesis) and French (honours subjects). The end goal for me has always been a law degree, however, after spending a month in France at the end of 2015 I am strongly considering moving to France for a year to become completely fluent, work, travel and possibly even get a translation certificate between English and French! Because of the timing of when I could move to France and when degrees start this would necessitate two years off from study. Eventually I think I would like to work in the field of refugee rights, either on an national level in Australia or an international level with an NGO or an organisation like the United Nations.

I have been doing Model United Nations Conferences since I was 14 and absolutely fell in love with them. I just completed my thirteenth major conference and have been on the Secretariat/ organising committee for two national and one international conference. Even though MUNs aren’t about winning I’ve also been lucky enough to win several awards which has helped me be confident in being able to find some sort of career-path based around international relations or debating.

I’m also extremely passionate about language learning. English is my native language, narrowly followed by Croatian. I left Croatia when I was 6 so while I can understand it perfectly I struggle to speak it. One day I would love to be able to become fluent again in Croatian. I’m also fluent in French having studied it throughout high school and university. Along with those three languages I’ve also dabbled in Italian, Russian and Malay. At the moment I’m half-learning Norwegian on duolingo and waiting for the Indonesian duolingo classes to open up!

Outside all of the educational madness I work part-time at a bookshop and at a charity organisation. I’m also half-training for my first ever half-marathon (and feel insane for doing so!).

This blog will be a place for me to post my various ramblings about various subjects on and to perhaps show pieces of my writing that I am proud of. I hope to one day be able to look back at it and be proud of what I wrote and achieved during this time.



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