This is another reflexion that I wrote during the lead up to Live Below the Line.

Living in Brunei gave me some truly wonderful experiences which definitely shaped who I am today and my motivations for the future.

I spent five years living in the tiny country of Brunei where I was fortunate to travel often to countries such as Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam and witness the disparity between how we live in Australia and their lives. However, what struck me most was how happy and generous people were.

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Bad Food Day

I published this on my Live Below the Line Blog about a month ago as a reflexion about how lucky I really am.

I had a bad food today yesterday. Somehow I managed to forget all of my packed food apart from a hot cross bun and my tea (I had packed my breakfast, lunch and snacks). Luckily I live in a city where great food is easily available (though it can be pricey) but ended up spending what is usually my fortnightly chai latte budget on one day’s worth of food. If I’d been doing live below the line (or living below the poverty line due to circumstance or birth) I would have gone hungry for a day. I wouldn’t have been able to have concentrated at work, my volunteer position or on the uni reading I did on my commute.

What I’ll miss most during the challenge are the senseless things that we don’t think about daily and just tap our cards for. However, when I realise that this is a luxury that many, many people could never dream of affording it humbles me and makes me even more driven to be able to see a world that is one day free of extreme poverty.


I’ve let this fall a bit by the wayside which is quite ironic because in these past few weeks I’ve been writing so much but it’s been spread between Facebook, my Live Below the Line Blog and a published article (ohhhh boy!) I’ve finally had some time (or just procrastinated more) to collate everything I’ve written and schedule them into hopefully what is a coherent order. I’ll be posting one article per day and while they may talk about some things in the present or even future (like Live Below the Line), I’ve probably completed them all.